About Equus Soap Co

 Sarah & Kinglsey Equus Soap Co

Sarah Griffiths is the creator of Equus Soap Co., located in Langley, BC, Canada. She is an animal nutritionist and classical homeopath (DCH). She has worked with a wide variety of wild and domestic animal species over the past 25 years. She works alongside with veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals as a nutritional and homeopathic consultant in tandem with her duties at Equus.

Sarah has 25 years of education and field/clinical experience feeding and caring for wild and domestic animals of a variety of species. She consults with clients and companies across the world to help them with species-appropriate and alternative approaches to animal nutrition and healthcare. Sarah's unique and deeply caring approach to animal husbandry focuses on providing whole food nutrition planning services (through www.theanimalsynergist.com) and safe, natural grooming options for animals. She’s a strong believer that less is more when it comes to our ever-increasingly toxic environment. We can’t control a lot of things but we can surely control what we feed our animals and what we put on their skin.

Sarah’s mission is to empower as many animal guardians as possible to choose preventative and alternative healthcare options wherever possible - without fear or guilt. There is a lot of information out there these days and she believes in providing you with the tools you need to give your animals the best life possible while being conscious of the world around us